All Rotarians are required to subscribe to at least one Rotary publication.  This requirement is written into our constitution to inform all Rotarians about the many activities that Rotary does. 
In 1911, Chesley R. Perry and Paul P. Harris invented a modest newsletter called the National Rotarian. The initial reason was to distribute an essay called "Rational Rotarianism" to the 1000 Rotarians in the U.S. and Canada at the time. In those days, everything was printed and expensive to produce, so a lot of time went into selling advertising space to pay for its production. Most Rotarians at the time thought the publication was a waste of resources, but after only one year, the publication was accepted as worthwhile by the members and renamed "The Rotarian". 
In Australia, our official Rotary magazine is "Rotary Down Under". It publishes stories about our side of the world and encourages Clubs to tell/show its readers the many fantastic things that Clubs here do. It is an informative magazine with quality content that we all have the opportunity to write.
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If you have an appetite for more international news, The Rotarian could be your publication. To see stories from the latest The Rotarian magazine see
Where there is more than one Rotarian in a household, there is an option to receive one copy of Rotary Down Under and one copy of The Rotarian. 
For more information about your Rotary magazine subscription options, please get in touch with your club Secretary or Treasurer. 
Rotary magazines are published in countries worldwide and in a range of languages.  To see a list, go to