Hi, my name is David Button from the Rotary Club of Berwick, and I am the current Communications Chair for District 9815. I have been a Rotarian for almost 20 years. During that time, I have been the District 9820 Webmaster, RC Berwick Webmaster, RC Berwick Bulletin Editor, and many other Club roles: President, Secretary, Foundation, and Public Image.
Communication serves three main purposes.
  1. Community Awareness and Understanding:

    • Rotary aims to increase awareness and understanding of its mission and activities within local communities and the broader public. This involves showcasing the positive impact Rotary makes through its various projects and initiatives, ranging from community service to international humanitarian efforts.
  2. Member Recruitment and Retention:

    • Communication is crucial in attracting new members to Rotary and retaining existing ones. A positive public image can make Rotary more appealing to individuals looking to join a service organization. It can also contribute to the satisfaction and engagement of current members by highlighting the meaningful work they are a part of.
  3. Fundraising and Resource Mobilization:

    • Maintaining a positive public image is essential for effective fundraising and resource mobilization. When the public knows Rotary's good work and trusts the organization, they are more likely to support it financially or through other means. This, in turn, enables Rotary to carry out its service projects and contribute to positive change in communities worldwide.

By focusing on these three purposes, Rotary aims to strengthen its presence, impact, and support base, ultimately advancing its mission of promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, supporting education, and addressing other critical needs globally. Effective public image management is integral to achieving these goals.

The purpose of this page is to guide you in achieving these three goals.