Selecting your Public Image Team

When selecting your Public Image team, it is essential to realise that Public Image is one of the foundations your Club and District stand on. That means you want to select people who are enthusiastic about Rotary and have the right experience to explain, teach and guide existing and potential members about the benefits of being a Rotarian. Rotary's impact is not only measured in terms of the projects it undertakes but also in the development of leadership skills and the fostering of international understanding among its members. Rotarians often work together to leverage their collective resources, expertise, and networks to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities. Someone who truly understands Rotary recognizes everything Rotary has to offer and will always have a positive story to tell to support that view.
The people you are looking for are advocates, and they are both enthusiastic and authentic supporters who actively champion and recommend their Rotary Club to others. It becomes the Rotary Club's responsibility to deliver the experience, so the public image team should be actively involved in every aspect of the club's activities and be able to seamlessly engage with any relevant person in the Club, especially the Membership Chair.
  1. Word-of-Mouth promotion: Advocates are natural conduits for word-of-mouth promotion. When satisfied Rotarians become advocates, they share their positive experiences with friends, family, colleagues, and their social network. This personal endorsement can be highly persuasive and effective in attracting new members.

  2. Credibility and Trust: Advocates lend credibility to Rotary. Their endorsement is often seen as more trustworthy than traditional advertising or promotional messages. Potential members are more likely to trust the opinions and recommendations of individuals who have had positive experiences with Rotary.

  3. Member Retention: Advocates help attract new members and contribute to member retention. Their ongoing support and positive feedback can reinforce the loyalty of existing members. A strong base of advocates can act as a stabilizing force, helping to minimize member churn. It is essential to understand that it can take several years for most Rotarians to fully understand the complexities of Rotary and find a niche that fulfils their interest and skillset. Advocates are excellent mentors!

  4. Feedback and Improvement: Advocates may provide valuable feedback that can be used for continuous improvement. Since they are fully engaged in Rotary, their insights can offer valuable perspectives on what the Club is doing well and where it can enhance its offerings. 

  5. Social Media Amplification: Advocates often share their positive experiences on social media platforms. This can lead to organic marketing as their network sees and shares their positive posts, reviews, or recommendations. Social media amplification can significantly increase the reach and visibility of Rotary.

  6. Community Building: Advocates contribute to developing a supportive community around the Club. This sense of community fosters a positive environment, encourages member engagement, and can lead to long-term relationships between the Club, its members, friends of Rotary, partners, sponsors and other supporters of the Club.

  7. Reduced Marketing Costs: Leveraging advocates can be a cost-effective marketing strategy. Rotary Clubs are looking for effective Rotarians to bring life to the Club and results to the Club's existing projects while contributing towards the Club's future projects. Potential members need a "plugged in" Rotarian to guide them towards the positive experience that Rotary promises.

Advocates play a multifaceted role in the promotion of Rotary, contributing to member recruitment, retention, and overall brand reputation. Building and nurturing a community of advocates is a strategic approach that can yield long-term benefits for Rotary.