The merger of Districts 9810 and 9820 has brought together a very talented team of Communications and IT specialists that will help your club grow in the media and technology space.
If you are seeking help or guidance for your Club or the District Website/Teams, please get in touch with the appropriate person below.
David Button: Team Leader
IT Specialists
Peter Dalwood :
Clubrunner (Backend components, RI Sync), O365, Sharepoint, Teams, document handling, 
Gus Rozycki :
O365, Sharepoint, Teams management, District Email, document handling
PDG Mark Humphries :
Sharepoint, Teams management, District Email, Social Media, Humanitix, Clubrunner (backend components, troubleshooting).
David Button :
Clubrunner: (Website, Bulletin, backend components), Canva, Adobe.
Trish Carr :
Social Media platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin), Clubrunner, Canva, Video
Content Creators
Michael Ellinger:
Highlights: District Events Newsletter 
Trish Carr:
Youtube, Facebook, Canva, Video
David Button:
District Website edits, stories and page creation, Canva, Rotary Branding, images
Gus Rozycki:
District Website edits and page creation
Mentors and Guidance
DG Colin Byron
DGE Peter Behm
DGN Emma Clark
PDG Ken Miller